I travel around the world, and quite frequently have to sit in cramped tiny plane seats for extended periods of time. My work is extremely physical and demanding. I build large scale water features (very famous ones) . I have experienced a variety of massage therapists from nearly every country I have visited and one of my favorite therapists to return to is Jennifer Hellberg in Portland Oregon. Clearly a world class encounter that you must experience for yourself. She is professional, talented, skilled and accomplished. She helps me with my low back every time I return.  ~ R Bartel Master Landscaper Contractor NM   (Sacral Lumbar stiffness)

I have been a client of Jennifer’s for nearly two years. I completely trust her intuition for finding the root cause of any symptoms I may be experiencing. I always leave feeling great, not only from her massage but also from her wonderfully caring nature.”   ~ Sarah Roth Violin Teacher (arm and shoulder pain)

I suffered a severe trauma to my neck, shoulders and back when I hit a golf ball out of the water and accidentally hit a rock. The blunt force went straight into my neck causing constant and continuous pain so that I could barely work. I sit at a desk all day as an accountant and I was struggling through each work day with great difficulty. I started to go through the steps to find a Dr. to help me when my wife, (a longterm client of Jennifer’s) strongly encouraged me to go see Jennifer for Massage Therapy. It turned out that I had a badly pinched nerve in my neck from the impact. Jennifer was able to slowly move the vertebra by releasing the muscles holding it in the painful position. It took a few sessions but the skills she used reduced my pain dramatically and increased my range of motion. I did not end up having to do surgery or spend more time and money on extensive Dr. visits.”  ~ Dave (Pinched nerve, Neck)

Jennifer is gifted in massage therapy. She works closely with you to provide exactly what your body, mind and soul need.” ~ T. Remmington Entrepreneur ( Sacral /Hip pain)

Jennifer was the first massage therapist that was able to get deep enough to cause real results. She has a sixth sense for finding real root problem areas and solving issues.” ~ Jan (Fibromyalgia) 12 year client 

Last May I  was having some trouble with my hips. After a month or so, I could hardly stand in one place for over a minute without feeling extreme pain. At 51 years old I knew I was too young  to be having hip problems. After a number of tests from my Doctor, he suggested that I go see a Physical  Therapist which would have cost me a lot of money and time off from work. After one session with Jennifer, my hip felt a hundred percent better. Through Deep Tissue/Myofascial Massage plus Jennifer’s knowledge and skill, she made me feel great! Jennifer is not only a very professional Licensed Massage Therapist but a wonderful, healing individual who cares about her patients.”  ~ David  (Hip pain, low back dysfunction)

For a truly healing, therapeutic and health enhancing massage, Jennifer is a wonderful choice for a massage therapist.  she’s very educated and experienced. She truly cares about her clients.  She’s a very nice, professional person and her rates are competitive. ~ Chris E

As a Massage Therapist myself, I have had Myofascial Release from Rolfers who charged twice as much per hour and were not nearly as effective in using Myofascial Techniques as Jennifer is. She is a very gifted massage therapist-one of the best that I have had.” ~ Lola (Massage Therapist and Client)

I called Jennifer from S. California to purchase a birthday gift for my daughter. (Selected her business by her excellent web site).  Jennifer was so helpful, enthusiastic, professional and I appreciated her personable attention. Her extensive knowledge and experience is impressive.   I purchased a “gift certificate” for her 1 1/2 hour massage.  Knowing the long distance, she even delivered it to my daughter that day!  My daughter was thrilled!  Thank you for everything Jennifer.  Great success to you!! ~Joanne

I’ve been to many massage therapists. Most of these individuals specialize in one or two different practices. I have also had my share of massage approaches (Swedish, Thai, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral etc.). What I like about Jennifer is her expertise in multiple fields of massage. As a result, I feel like she gives more of complete and customized massage. I’m impressed at her desire for continued education as it tells me she is going above and beyond in her training minimums-to me that speaks volumes. I like the setting of the massages which is very much an environment of welcome and relaxation. I appreciated how easy it is to communicate with her, which I think helped make the massage better than most. I was so pleased with her service, I cancelled an appointment with another therapist because she clearly stands out to me as in the upper echelon of her field. ~ Lisa A

Jennifer has been my LMT for about a year. After a month of trekking in Nepal I really needed some work.  She was great as always and I left feeling relaxed and ready for some climbing later in the day.  I have referred a number of friends to her.  She is highly skilled and has a variety of techniques at her disposal.  I highly recommend her. ~ Mike N

Jennifer Hellberg practices her craft with the utmost professionalism. There have been quite a few times in life when I have been in serious pain and she has helped me recover quickly. In the past I’ve come to see her for chronic neck pain and she has always been able to massage the knots out of my neck, reduce migraine pain, and after visiting her I am always better than when I first arrive. Most recently I was stricken with food poisoning (don’t eat at Ling’s on NW 21st), and when I finally able to leave the house I made my way to her. She massaged my stomach and used her tuning forks to help restore my body to health. I woke up today and feel great! Thank you Jennifer Hellberg for helping me heal quickly and safely. You’re a life saver! ~ Saskia S

I’ve maintained monthly maintenance massage with Jennifer for more than six years and can adamantly attest to minimal body issues since.  My initial visit was an emergency caused by multiple ongoing  physical activities that  literally locked my inner shoulders one morning, and Jennifer’s deep-tissue skills had me 95% “cured” after the first session.  I immediately became a convert to the long-term benefits of regular maintenance massage.

Jennifer’s professionalism, skill set, knowledge, clean environment, and caring attitude has kept my body in optimal shape.  I would highly recommend her for a short-term problem or long-term care.  She’s a credit to the profession. ~ Dewey S

I have been going to Jennifer for 5 years.  After several accidents, she has helped relax my neck and back muscles through deep tissue massage.   This has expedited the healing process.  I would recommend Jennifer to anyone with or without an injury. ~ Benjamin R

Jennifer provides a tremendously healing massage. This is a professional who cares deeply about her clients and goes the extra mile to advance healing. She is superb. My hip pain is nearly gone, and I can’t wait to see where she takes me next as she analyzes things about my own body I never knew. She is thoughtful and patient, and calls between sessions to see how I’m doing. She is terrific and I am grateful. ~ Lynn H

Jennifer did a fantastic job in helping me correct some of the ongoing discomforts and pains in my hips, back and shoulders. She is extremely well trained in multiple disciplines and brings a tremendous amount of value to the massage session.

I would recommend any of my friends, family or coworkers to seek out Jennifer for those necessary readjustments. ~ Kyle G

I’ve been seeing Jennifer for several months with a tense back, bad shoulders and other “getting older” ailments. She is an amazing massage therapist. She takes the time, each visit, to find out how you are, what special areas might need a bit more or less attention, and sizing up what you might not even know about your own body. This recent massage I walked in and she immediately spotted that I was standing a little off to one side, evidently an unconscious attempt to keep some weight off a sore hip and tense lower back. She saw them and worked those kinks out during the session along with everything else.

She has good, strong fingers and arms and can do everything from gentle warming to deep tissue work. And, unlike a few other MTs I’ve seen, she readily mixes them to meet your body’s needs on that massage occasion. Not only is she very good at what she does, she is a funny and nice individual. I’ve had MTs who can’t talk while they rub or if you ask them something, they can’t give you a real answer. Jennifer can. She has a pleasing personality that makes the massage both relaxing and healing as well as fun.

My wife now goes to see her on my recommendation and loves her as well. ~ Tom H

I cannot say enough wonderful things about her gift to heal and listen to people. I have been rear ended three time in the last three years and every time Jennifer was available and able to help me. I went to numerous chiropractors, acupuncture, physical therapy and none of them helped my body as much as she did and continues to do. She has also helped my mother recovering from shoulder surgery. He skill for massage cannot me matched. Give her a try = ) ~ Jennifer M

I have been using massage therapists for most of my life in several states where I have lived for various injuries.  Then I found Jennifer here.  She has dramatically changed my life and relieved the issues I have from past injuries.  She is professional, knowledgeable, understand injuries and the proper course of action to remedy them.  I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone. ~ Nilda M

Jennifer came to my office and demonstrated Intraoral massage for myself and my partner.  I had a patient come to me with a closed lock of the TMJ joint.  I referred her to Jennifer and after one session she was able to chew again and experienced great improvement.  I felt really good about the referral, and will continue to do so with my patients in need.  ~ Dr. Jim K DMD Hillsboro


Jennifer was able to work on my back recently and was very affective. I came to her with a serious back problem that kept me from breathing deeply. She found that the muscles around my ribs and lower back were both creating the problem. She used multiple types of massage therapy to alleviate the pain and I was able to breathe deeply again. She used a lot of massage techniques that I have not experienced before to help my problem.  ~Mark breathing difficulties


I came to Jennifer for neck discomfort and she used intraoral massage to help me. I noticed that I could speak better afterward and open my mouth easier.  I noticed how much more clearly I could pronounce words after the intraoral work she did and my neck was easier to move.  My left knee was also hurting and I was walking like an old man holding onto the railing when going downstairs. I can sit up straight now and don’t have to hold onto the railing anymore.  I am no longer leaning over all the time but am standing straighter. She said she used myofascial therapies to help me and I can feel the change.  ~Jim, neck and knee patient