What you will experience at my studio:

I  treat everyone like a person, taking time to find out what your needs are and give personal consideration to what you want to get from your massages. Sixty minute massage means 60 minutes on the table.

Time is provided to share areas of tension and to assess the possible origins of any discomfort or imbalance.  Sensitivity to your needs paired with hearing your tolerance for pressure when doing therapy like deep tissue. It is always your massage and your goals I work toward.

How I approach massage and why I became a massage therapist:

I was drawn to massage therapy after receiving help from a couple of great massage therapists in the past. I understand what it is like to have neck pain and sports injuries and I understand how to address the needs that my clients come to me with.

Taking the time to observe posture from the feet upward helps me evaluate where to start when helping people who come to me in pain or lacking mobility.

I start every massage with your needs the day that you come in. I create a therapy plan based on what is happening with you right now rather than performing the same massage routine each time. My clients often comment that even if they have seen me for years they still experience new and helpful massage techniques the next time they come or when their needs change.

I am a “process oriented” massage therapist. Being process oriented, I focus on evaluating the “sources” of the client’s discomfort, restriction or pain; not just where the symptoms are showing up. This process is like peeling an onion and many methods and approaches are needed to create the desired outcome.

Looking for long term change and freedom of movement? Let’s start the process together.