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  • Jennifer Hellberg has two years of training from East West College of the Healing Arts and was licensed in 1999. OR Lic #7122
  • Training in Eleven Disciplines of Massage: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release Techniques, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Visceral Manipulation, Intraoral Massage for TMJ Pain, Myopolarity, Swedish Relaxation Spa, Cupping, Active Resistance Stretching, Reflexology.
  • Massage Therapies for traumatic injuries resulting from a Motor Vehicle Accident
  • In office as well as Onsite massage services available.
  • Uses organic coconut and olive oil with all massages
  • Organic essential oils available for relaxation benefits.
  •

Onsite Massage, where the spa comes to you…

For the traveler looking for relief of pain and stiffness, or just want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, we offer Onsite Massage at various hotels in the Portland Downtown area.

We have several packages to choose from:

  • Streams of Zen
  • Travellers Rescue
  • Relaxed and Pampered
  • Couples Spa

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Motor vehicle/Auto/Car Accident Massage Billed to your Insurance

At No Out of Pocket Cost To You