For improved posture, increased mobility or relief from an injury or muscle strain; Deep Tissue and Sports Massage are a helpful combination. Deep tissue is great for the  muscles of the neck when combined with myofascial release.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage were developed to assess the areas of restriction and relieve the areas creating tension. Many spas and chains will claim to do deep tissue massage. But what most of them mean is just “pressing harder”. This is not deep tissue. While deeper pressure can be useful in some circumstances and feels great at times on the receiving end, knowing how to access deeper tissues comes with extensive training and experience.

Sports Massage refers to seeing the body in terms of which structures are misaligned and knowing where they need to be realigned in order to create relief and balance. It is a type of training that helps provide the insight into what structural problems are likely underlying the painful and restrictive symptoms clients present with. Reducing stiffness and pain is like peeling an onion. I work on the most restrictive layers first, in a sequence that unwinds and releases the areas holding the joint in tension. Many people have reported their improved posture, increased joint mobility and feeling relief in areas that were sore.


Jennifer has been my massage therapist for about 8 years.  I first went to her with a neck injury; a herniated disk at the C3, C4 vertebrae.  I was in extreme pain and unable to do the things I enjoy, namely rock climbing.  Her deep tissue massage was invaluable to my recovery, which was in full without surgery.  She is careful in giving massages, listens attentively, and deos not go to aggressively.  I have recommended her to many other climbers.  ~ Lisa R

Without a doubt Jennifer is the best LMT I’ve seen.  I spend a lot of time rock climbing, which can create a great deal of tension.  She is able to almost magically find the involved muscles and treat them accordingly.  She has many different techniques available to her and they are quite effective.  I highly recommend her. ~ M Nakamura