I became interested in massage for jaw pain and TMJD (Tempormandibular Joint Disorder) when suffering from this painful condition myself after, breaking both sides of my jaw at eight years old. My jaw did not recover well and I started experiencing severe pain in my teens from the injury. Fortunately a family member worked in a PT office that used specific tigger point therapies that turned my condition into an occasional problem and not a daily experience. Trigger point therapy is mostly now used by Massage Therapists for various injuries and pain.

In School for massage therapy at East West College of the Healing arts in Portland they focused on very structure oriented therapies and Intra Oral massage was mentioned in class one day. I became very interested because I wanted to help fellow jaw pain sufferers and so I began to take courses that specialized in neck specific Myofascial release, TMJD and Jaw release techniques.

I was even sent a patient with a locked jaw by a dentist and was able to get her jaw to release in one session through anterior and lateral neck release techniques and Intra Oral Massage (which is performed inside the mouth focusing on the muscles of the face and jaw and even sometimes the roof of the mouth). It is performed with non latex gloves on and patient’s receive significant relief almost routinely after only one or two sessions.

It is also perfect for those who experience headaches and jaw pain after dental work.

Having studied and using these techniques and Intra Oral Massage therapy for around fourteen years I have significant experience in finding the right spots in the fascia that is restricted and knowing how to gently use slight stretches as well with the right amount of pressure which is critical  when you are working in such a small area.

If you are needing help with jaw or head and neck pain I would love to help you find relief and feel more empowered that this problem does often have a simple solution to keep it under control.

I also work with a wonderful Dentist in West Linn that specializes in TMJD structural issues that works in tandem with me to help patients feel better and improve function. If you are looking for a dental expert feel free to reach out to Dr. Kim Wright in West Linn.

You can see this demonstrated on youtube at Intra-Oral Neuromuscular Therapy for TMJ Demonstrated by Stew Wild.

I would love to help you get your mobility and comfort back. Call to make an appointment at 503-730-1643.