Myofascial Release

For clients that have a sports injury, repetitive motion injury, a muscle sprain, strain, or tendinitis.  Myofascial Release can also help with joint restrictions and discomfort.

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds all muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs. Restrictions in fascia can cause reduced mobility, bad posture, poor absorption of nutrients, and pain. Myofascial Massage breaks up adhesions and restrictions in the fascia, reducing stiffness, encouraging healing of injuries and improving immune function.

I have experienced significant relief through the various types of Myofascial Release  after injuries that I experienced from falls, strenuous hiking, shoulder injuries etc.  It helps open the fascia, (sheets of thin, strong bands of tissue) open up so that blood and nutrients can nourish the muscles, organs and tendons again.  This can result in less discomfort and much improved range of motion in muscles and joints. Many of my clients have commented on how much better they felt a couple of days after Myofascial Release.


For improved movement, increased circulation, or reduction in discomfort where the connective tissue (fascia) is sticky or has adhesions.

Cupping is the most appropriate for massage clients looking to help with stiffness in the back or shoulders area. It is a helpful area for reducing restrictions and discomfort relating to tight fascia which often manifests as pain or lack of flexibility in the back or shoulders. I do not use Cupping on the neck, legs or stomach.

I often use cupping after a car accident or when I find that the fascia layer feels tight and painful. I have found faster relief from using Cupping than some other therapies because the results can come swiftly after opening fascia restrictions. Cupping is known to bring blood to the surface that is believed to move toxins out of the body. This is why Cupping may leave round circles that are red or even a little darker after using Cupping. The darker the marking, often the more restricted the fascia had been before the Cupping is done.

I came to Jennifer for neck discomfort and she used Intraoral massage to help me. I noticed that I could speak better afterward and open my mouth easier. I noticed how much more clearly I could pronounce words after the Intraoral work she did and my neck was easier to move.  My left knee was also hurting and I was walking like an old man holding onto the railing when going downstairs. I can sit up straight now and don’t have to hold onto the railing anymore.  I am no longer leaning over all the time but am standing straighter. She said she used Myofascial Release to help me and I can feel the change.  Jim, neck and knee patient