Jennifer Hellberg Massage Therapy and Spa Menu

“Where the Spa comes to you”  

I provide spa services to downtown Portland and the surrounding areas…


Streams Of Zen

Drift away to flutes
from the orient & experience the gentle energy of Shiatsu and Reflexology.

Traveler’s  Rescue

For the traveler
looking for long-term relief of pain and stiffness, using light stretches,
myofascial therapy and targeted techniques designed for holistic neck and back

Relaxed and Pampered

Enjoy a soft facial
massage then fall asleep to long relaxing Swedish spa strokes.

Couples Spa

Reconnect with
someone special and relax together in simultaneous bliss.

    60 Minutes  $170.00  

    75 Minutes   $215.00 

   90 Minutes   $255.00  

     Aroma Therapy  Added $25

Price increases start before 7am and after 9pm, as well as for
major holidays.

$30.00 surcharge for the first hour before 7am or after 9pm

$10 an hour surcharge extra after 10pm and 11pm/ travel charge to PDX airport or Hillsboro.


**24 hour cancellation policy Firm


I travel around the world quite frequently, sitting cramped in those tiny plane seats for extended periods of time,  and my work is extremely physical.  I have experienced a variety of massage services from nearly every country I have viisted and one of my favorite therapists to continually return to is Jennifer Hellberg in the Portland, Oregon area.  Clearly a world class encounter you must expterience for yourself.  Professional, talented, skilled and accomplished with a price value that is very reasonable! ~R. Bartel