The client looking for gentle rebalancing of physical and emotional energy. Myopolarity and Energy Work interacts with the nervous system to “calm down” over active or over stimulated energies of the body. Many people I see are so stimulated by their daily experiences that they need a very subtle kind of work to help them renew or recover from daily life or even a trauma or loss. This is a great therapy for recovery and help to relieve anxiety.

Using hand placement over the Chakras (energy centers) of the body, the therapist balances the energy fields and creates healthy connectivity in the nervous system. It is based on the theories of bioelectricity and electromagnetic fields in the body. Imbalances or blockages are considered precursors to disease in eastern health care. You can also connect with the nervous system by using finger light touch on the spine and head. Many of my patients experience a kind of release of resistant stress in the structure, which feels realigning to them.

I’ve been to many massage therapists. Most of these individuals specialize in one or two different practices. I have also had my share of massage approaches (Swedish, Thai, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral etc.). What I like about Jennifer is her expertise in multiple fields of massage. As a result, I feel like she gives more of complete and customized massage. I’m impressed at her desire for continued education as it tells me she is going above and beyond in her training minimums-to me that speaks volumes. I like the setting of the massages which is very much an environment of welcome and relaxation. I appreciated how easy it is to communicate with her, which I think helped make the massage better than most. I was so pleased with her service, I cancelled an appointment with another therapist because she clearly stands out to me as in the upper echelon of her field. ~ Lisa A