I have been helping people recover from auto accidents since 2000.  What to do if you have been in an automobile accident:

1. Call your own insurance company.  Call your agent and set up a Personal Injury case.
2. Obtain your PIP claim number and take note of your PIP adjuster.
3. Write down any symptoms as they arise and have them well documented for your insurance records.  Note: Pain and soft tissue injuries may not show up immediately and may take up to a couple of weeks before you feel them strongly.
4. Visit a trusted doctor or chiropractor or call us for a referral.  Get a prescription for massage from the doctor.
5. Massage therapy is the most effective way to treat soft tissue injuries.  Chiropractors work mainly with facet mobilization and adjustments, and physical therapy addresses exercise and strengthening techniques.
6. The sooner you start the therapies you need, the faster you will recover from the effects of scar tissue and strains and sprains.
7. Most policies cover $15,000 of personal injury protection.  Use your PIP coverage wisely to maximize best recovery.

Jennifer has been helping me now for about 4 years recover from three accidents, I was rear ended three different times.  Resulting in constant neck pain, lower back pain and knee surgery. She has been incredible as a massage therapist and as a listener to where the actual pain and problems are.  She has educated me about my body and stretching as well.  The benefits of having her in my life as a LMT have given mobility in my neck and relief in my back like no ohter therapist or doctor for that matter has.  If pain is your problem she is your solution.  I have also had the opportunity to get a swedish relaxing massage from her and almost fell asleep on the table.  she is very gifted and skilled.  My mother also went to Jennifer after her shoulder surgery.  Happy Recovering!! ~ Jennifer M.